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The .38-55 Winchester cartridge (actually .3775 caliber) was introduced in 1876 by Ballard and has been the basis for most of the modern rifle cartridges today. The 30-30 cartridge is essentially an necked down 38-55. In 1978 Winchester introduced a modern version of the 38-55, the .375 Winchester. This new cartridge is designed to have substantially higher pressures and can ONLY be used in modern firearms. Under no circumstances fire any .375 Win ammunition in rifles chambered in .38-55. If you do the firearm may come apart and land you in the hospital.

With the foregoing in mind, the .38-55 is renowned for its exceptional accuracy at ranges up to 330 yd (300 m). The 38-55 is often used to hunt black bear and deer at moderate ranges. The 38-55 is also a favorite of Cowboy Action Shooters in their side matches. The .38-55 is also a quandary as the cartridge when it was originally designed, barrel diameter was .380 inch. However the barrels of the Winchesters and Marlins chambered for this cartridge measured anywhere from .377 to .381 inch. However most manufactures settled on a diameter of .377 inch. In modern rifles chambered in.38-55, they have a .377-inch groove diameter.

The 38-55 properly loaded is still considered one of the best cartridges for close or medium harvesting of thin skinned game. Bullets are available in a variety of weights from 245 grain on up. The Bishop Ammunition Cowboy Action load in 38-55 is loaded with a 245 gr bullet at 1250 fps. Remember, use this ammunition ONLY is firearms for which is chambered. You are responsible for your firearm's maintenance, for it to be in working order and it's cleanliness. Make sure your firearms is clean before you use any ammunition.

It first gained fame in match circles, but this was once considered the ideal hunting cartridge in a repeating rifle. The .38-55 Winchester cartridge came into existence as the .38-55 Ballard. The .38-55 Ballard was popular among offhand match shooters and other competitors. In June 1895, H.L. Willard used a Ballard rifle chambered in .38-55 to shoot the first perfect 10-shot score on the American Rest Target at 200 yards. In 1884, hunters first began to take interest in the .35-55 when Marlin offered it in the Model 1881 lever-action rifle. This was followed shortly by Winchester, Savage, Remington and Colt in their hunting rifles.

The.38-55 was originally a black powder loading. The .38-55 was rated at 1,300 fps with a 255-grain bullet. When smokeless powder came into being, Winchester, Remington and Peters increased velocity to approximately 1,700 fps. Bishop Ammunition Manufacturing, LLC offers the .38-55 in a 245-grain load, one for black powder rifles and another for hunting in new made rifles. Bishop Ammunition Manufacturing .38-55 ammunition does not exceed 1,320 fps. Due to variances in actual barrel groove diameters of .38-55 rifles which have varied considerably, Bishop Ammunition Manufacturing, LLC uses hard cast bullets with a groove diameter of .379 inch. All brass used in the manufacturing of this cartridge is made by Starline and is new made brass.
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NEW 38-55 Cowboy Action Ammunition  240g RNFP - Made in the U.S.A. with U.S. Components. Per 20
Bishop Ammunition New Manufactured Cowboy Action Loaded 38-55 cartridges are made in the U.S.A at our plant in North Highlands, California. All components used in this cartridge are sourced to companies in the U.S.A. This cartridge is loaded on commercial-grade presses, and each cartridge is personally hand inspected and hand packed in the box. CANNOT BE USED FOR HUNTING IN CALIFORNIA.

  • Each box contains 20 cartridges using brand new Starline Brass.
  • Oregon Trail 240 gr 0.380" dia bullet
  • Match-Grade
  • Top Quality, Position and Temperature Insensative Powder
  • 1/10th Grain Consistency = Increased Accuracy = Better Performance.
  • All cartridges are packed in standard trays.
  • Each box will contain all new Starline brass cases
  • Muzzle velocity approximately 1250fps.
The 38-55 is not an obsolete cartridge. Several manufacturers still offer the 38-55 in their rifles, both single shot and lever action. The 38-55 is also still considered the preferred thin skin game taking cartridge there is. Millions of rifles have been chambered in this cartridge and loaded properly is effective on brown and black bear.

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