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458 SOCOM Rifles in both AR-15 and Bolt Action Rifles. Custom made to the purchaser's specifications. The 458 SOCOM cartridge replicates the ballistics of the.45-70 cartridge. The 458 SOCOM takes the power of this historic military and big game cartridge and places it in a modern AR platform rifle. The 458 SOCOM will fire a 250 to 600 grain .458 caliber bullet. For hunting medium to large game, 250 grain to 400 grain projectiles inflict devastating killing power. Our preferred bullet is the 300 gr Barnes TTSX or the Hornady 325 gr FTX bullet with a velocity range of 1750fps to 1800fps.

The .458 SOCOM will flawlessly feed from standard unmodified 5.56 AR magazines. Preferred magazines are the USGI Standard issue magazine. A 20 round 5.56 magazine holds seven SOCOM rounds while a 30 round 5.56 magazine will hold nine rounds. We have found the optimal length for a barrel for the 458 SOCOM is 16" coupled with a muzzle brake.
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458 SOCOM AR-15 Rifle 458 SOCOM AR-15 HAMMER

458 SOCOM AR-15 Rifle

List Price: $1,799.99
Our Price: $1,699.00
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458 SOCOM Bolt Action Rifle Magpul Hunter Stock FDE 458 SOCOM Hunter

Bolt Action Rifle in 458 SOCOM

Our Price: $2,199.00
458 SOCOM 1895 GBL Lever Action in 458 SOCOM 458 SOCOM 1895 GBL Lever Action

458 SOCOM 1895 GBL Lever Action in 458 SOCOM

List Price: $3,500.00
Our Price: $3,500.00
Sale Price: $3,000.00
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