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NEW MADE 45 Colt Ammo, Cowboy Action Load, 250g RNFP Lead, New Brass - 50 Rounds per box - 100% Made in the U.S.A. with 100% U.S. Components.
Our Price: $36.99

Bishop Ammunition New Manufactured Cowboy Action Loaded 45 Colt cartridges are made in the U.S.A at our plant in North Highlands, California by U.S. Citizens. All components used in this cartridge are 100% made in the U.S.A. This cartridge is loaded on commercial-grade presses, and each cartridge is personally hand inspected and hand packed in the box.
  • Each box contains 50 cartridges using brand new Starline Brass.
  • Match-Grade
  • Top Quality Powder
  • 1/10th Grain Consistency = Increased Accuracy = Better Performance.
  • All cartridges are packed in standard trays.
  • Each box will contain all brass cases.

Please see our updated return policy concerning ammunition returns.  MUST BE 21 OR OVER TO PURCHASE.
NEW Starline 45 Long Colt Brass!! PER 500
Our Price: $120.00

OUT OF STOCK. NOTE: These brass cases are shipped USPS, *not* UPS Ground, and the shipping amount actually charged to your card when we ship will be changed to reflect the lower USPS flat rate shipping cost (plus tracking number fee of 75 cents that they charge), so you won't actually be charged the higher UPS Ground shipping fee.  Unfortunately we can't enable the USPS shipping on this item on the shopping cart without opening it up for all our items, even ammunition, which cannot be shipped via the Postal Service.  We regret any inconvenience, but you will be taken care of.

Originally designed for use with blackpowder, the .45 Colt is one of the most powerful, commonly available handgun cartridges when loaded with smokeless powder.  Starline's .45 Colt brass has been tested to .44 Magnum pressures in gun systems suitable for such loads. All brass is produced within SAAMI specifications and includes special heat treat processes and designs to enhance strength and longevity.  BRAND NEW BRASS! Also available in 100 and 250 case lots.