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NEW MADE 45 Colt Ammo, Cowboy Action Load, 250g RNFP Lead, New Brass - 50 Rounds per box - 100% Made in the U.S.A. with U.S. Components.
Our Price: $39.98

Bishop Ammunition New Manufactured Cowboy Action Loaded 45 Colt cartridges are made in the U.S.A at our plant in North Highlands, California by U.S. Citizens. All components used in this cartridge are sourced to companies in the U.S.A. This cartridge is loaded on commercial-grade presses, and each cartridge is personally hand inspected and hand packed in the box.
  • Each box contains 50 cartridges using brand new Starline Brass.
  • Match-Grade
  • Top Quality, Position and Temperature Insensative Powder
  • 1/10th Grain Consistency = Increased Accuracy = Better Performance.
  • All cartridges are packed in standard trays.
  • Each box will contain all new Starline brass cases.

Please see our updated return policy concerning ammunition returns. MUST BE 21 OR OVER TO PURCHASE.