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30-30 Winchester ammunition. New and reloaded ammunition for the American hunter. This ammunition is made from new as well as once fired brass. All ammunition is inspected 6 times by hand during its manufacture. All of the 30-30 ammunition is hand packed and made in The United States by US Veterans. This ammunition is available in both lead free as well as in a double struck copper plated bullet. The bullets used by Bishop in its manufacture of 30-30 ammunition are from X-Treme and Barnes. Bishop Ammunition Manufacturing is certified by The State of California as a lead free ammunition manufacturer and the 30-30 Solid Copper hollow points are legal for all hunting in The State of California.

The 30-30 Winchester to quote Chuck Hawks from his article "The Classic .30-30 Winchester," The .30-30 is the great North American deer cartridge, and for good reason. It is a virtually ideal compromise between power and recoil. A 7.5 pound .30-30 rifle shooting the standard 150 grain factory load generates about 11.7 ft. lbs. of recoil energy. For comparison, a .30-06 rifle of the same weight shooting a 150 grain factory load generates about 21.7 ft. lbs. of recoil energy. Most hunters can shoot the .30-30 well, as its recoil is below the 20 ft. lb. upper limit for sustained use and the 15 ft. lb. maximum that most hunters can shoot comfortably.."The .30-30 is the a perfect deer rifle for North America. The 30-30 Winchester is a excellent medium range cartridge which is capable of taking nearly all medium to large game at typical shooting ranges.
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30-30 Winchester Lead Free ammunition with the Barnes TSX 150 gr HP bullet.
This ammunition is loaded with a 150 grain Barnes TSX-FN (flat nose) bullet. The Barnes flat nose bullet defines performance in lever action rifles. Multiple grooves in the shank reduce pressure and improve accuracy. Large nose cavity peels back into six razor sharp petals. Delivers 100% weight retention, double-diameter expansion and deep, dependable penetration needed for difficult front or rear raking shots. This ammunition produces a muzzle velocity of 2200 fps.

The 30-30 Winchester Cartridge, originally known as the .30 WCF first appeared on the market in 1895 in Winchester's Catalog. The cartridge was originally chambered in the Winchester Model 1894 Lever Action. The modern use of the name of this cartridge is attributed to Marlin when it chambered its Model 1893 in the cartridge and the name stuck and has been this ever since. The 30-30 while considered to be a "entry class" of hunting firearm, has proven to be very effective on deer and black bear. The cartridge however should be limited to 200 yards except when chambered with ballistic tipped ammunition. The Winchester 30-30 has been used on deer, black bear, moose, caribou as well as pronghorn. This is a cartridge with light recoil, conventionally loaded with flat point or round point bullets for use in tubular magazines. Even though this cartridge was introduced in 1895 it remains popular today.

Bishop Ammunition is proud to announce and provide to the discriminating hunter ammunition for the 30-30 Winchester. While our 30-30 Winchester is considered re-manufactured ammunition, it's performance cannot be considered so. Each cartridge casing is hand inspected prior to reprocessing. The cartridge case is de-primed, full length sized, neck sized, and inspected again. The the cartridge case is refinished in our proprietary process to look like new, inside and out, and is then again inspected. Once the cartridge case as been polished it is now ready for loading. The cartridge cases are loaded by hand on commercial grade Dillon Reloading machines using a two step seating and crimp process. Prior to packaging every single cartridge is chamber checked which is made to minimum SAMMI specifications, then and only then after passing this last step is each box of the 30-30 Winchester Lead Free 150 gr ammunition packaged in 20 round boxes.

This ammunition is loaded with pure copper Barnes Triple-Shock X Bullets. The Bishop Ammunition 30-30 Winchester lead free ammunition retains 100% of its weight with deep penetration . The TSX-FN Bullets made by Barnes are made of 100% copper and contain no lead. This ammunition is legal to use in ANY California hunting zone. Iyou are hunting the toughest feral hogs, black bear, elk, caribou, pronghorn or deer, this is ammunition you can count on to do its job if you can do yours.

Upon impact, the bullet expands into four razor-sharp cutting petals. The bullet penetrates deep into tissue and through bone creating a large wound channel causing the shot to be more effective. This ammunition is remanufactured ammunition, not new production. It is non-corrosive, in boxer-primed, reloadable brass cases.

ATTENTION RESIDENTS OF THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA: The bullet that this ammunition is loaded with, is made by Barnes. This bullet is certified by the State of California to be in compliance with the California Lead-Free Ban and meets the criteria under the Condor Preservation Act.

Please note that Bishop Ammunition 30-30 Winchester TSX ammunition is loaded for the best accuracy. Ammunition that is loaded which exceeds SAMI specifications is unsafe and will tend to be inaccurate. When we develop our ammunition we use real world firearms and shoot under real world conditions. We do not use universal receivers nor do we use specifically designed test barrels. All of our ammunition is developed for safety first and then accuracy. If we would not use this ammunition ourselves when the only shot we have is the one that must count we will not sell it.

Caliber 30-30
Bullet Type Barnes Triple-Shock X Bullet Hollow Point Lead-Free
Legal for use in ALL California Hunting/Condor Zones
Safe in all modern lever actions in good working condition
Bullet : Barnes TSX 150 gr Copper
Velocity : 2200 fps
20 Per Box