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458 SOCOM 300 grain TTSX Solid Copper Ammunition  displayed in magazine. New Starline 458 SOCOM Brass Cases
The .458 SOCOM Cartridge featuring the Barnes 300 grain TTSX projectile brought to you by Bishop Ammunition Manufacturing. This is new made ammunition made with components only from The United States. Each cartridge is hand made on a Dillon press. Each cartridge is hand inspected and chambered. Our .458 SOCOM will feed in all rifles chambered for this cartridge. Performance is guaranteed. If you are looking for the North American Game in brush areas or that feral hog look no further. The 458 SOCOM is your answer.

The Barnes 300 gr TTSX retains 100% of its mass. It is 100% lead free. Approved for use in all hunting areas in California. This round expands violently, achieves deep penetration crushing bone and opens up into 4 razor sharp petals. When you have only one shot and it must count this cartridge will take any game in North America.

Quantity: 20

Muzzle Velocity: 1,750 fps
Muzzle Energy: 2,100 ft lbs

By purchasing this product, you certify that you are at least 21 years of age and you are legally allowed by your local, state and/or federal laws to posses and/or purchase / receive this item.
100 Cases of 458 SOCOM Brass, 458 SOCOM, 458 Brass,
1.575" O.A.L.

NOTE: These 100 Starline brass cases are shipped USPS Priority Flat Rate and will be shipped separately of any ammunition ordered, all of which ships via UPS Ground.

The 458 SOCOM, (SOCOM is an acronym for Special Operations Command), is an awesome cartridge that is basically a lengthened 50AE case, necked down to accept .458 projectiles, a over all length of 1.575", and with a rebated .308 head configuration. This cartridge is chambered in AR-15 platform rifles as well as Bishop Ammunition Manufacturing's Bolt Action Rifle. You can buy a complete AR-15 style rifle, (California Compliant and standard configuration), or just the complete upper receiver (with bolt carrier group), which mounts to any AR-15 style lower receiver with zero modifications, from Bishop Ammunition Manufacturing, LLC.

The 458 SOCOM was developed because of the lack of power inherent in the 5.56 NATO cartridge used in the M4 Carbine and the M16 Rifles currently in use in The United States armed forces. Members of the special operations command, Task Force Rangers, experienced dissatisfaction and concern that multiple shots were necessary to neutralize enemy combatants in Mogadishu.

This cartridge is designed to be 100% compatible with M4, M16, and AR-15 rifle platforms. There is no change to the buffer, buffer spring, charging handle, stock, GI Specification magazines, most aftermarket magazines, or the magazine well, trigger assembly or any other components of the lower receiver. The 458 SOCOM singles stacks in 5.56 magazines. A 10 round 5.56 magazine holds four (4) 458 SOCOM rounds. The 20 round magazine holds seven (7) rounds. The 30 round magazine will hold tern (10) rounds of 458 SOCOM.

Loaded new made ammunition is available from Bishop Ammunition Manufacturing, LLC.