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458 SOCOM Bolt Action Magazine for Remington 700, AICS Redesigned AICS Magazine for Bishop 458 Bolt Action Rifle

AICS Compatable for Remington 700 Rifles chambered in 458 SOCOM

Our Price: $150.00
458 SOCOM Bolt Action Rifle Magpul Hunter Stock FDE 458 SOCOM Hunter

Bolt Action Rifle in 458 SOCOM

Our Price: $2,199.00
475 Safari Bolt Action Rifle in 475 Bishop Short Magnum 475 Safari Bolt Action Rifle in 475 Bishop Short Magnum

Kills everything.

This rifle represents the top of the line firearm from Bishop Ammunition & Firearms. The 475 Safari rifle is based on our 475 Bishop Bench Rest Action, a redesigned upgrade to the Remington 700 action. The 475 Safari Bolt Action rifle is chambered in the 475 Bishop Short Magnum. One pull of the ELF Match Adjustable trigger sends the 475 Bishop Short Magnum bullet, 390 grains at 2500 fps with 5500 ME downrange with devastating result on dangerous game. With deep penetration, crushing bone and controlled expansion this rifle is the ULTIMATE brush and forested game gun. Built for taking any other game in North America or Africa, this rifle will do it for you.

Our Price: $3,000.00