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Factory reloading services for the Cowboy Action Shooter. Custom cowboy action ammunition reloading to the customer's specifications reloaded to new condition.

Bishop Ammunition Manufacturing, LLC., is proud to offer custom reloading services to the cowboy action shooter. All ammunition is loaded to new condition. Cases are hand inspected, cleaned inside and out, full length sized and loaded to the requirements of the individual customer. Our reloading service provides a low cost alternative for the cowboy action shooter using the brass already owned by the competitor thereby lowering the cost of practice and competition ammunition while insuring accuracy and reliability. Our reloading service for the cowboy action shooter provides a low cost alternative to the high price of factory ammunition in the market while maintaining the same high standards as our new made ammunition. All reloaded ammunition provided by this service utilizes the same components as our new made ammunition, the same level of inspection, and same care put into each and every cartridge. It is our goal to provide reloaded ammunition through our reloading service that is indisquishable from new made ammunition with the only difference being the use of the customer's own brass.
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.45 Colt Reload Service: Customer-Supplied Brass Cases, Cowboy Action Load, 250g RNFP Lead, 50 Rounds per bag
Reload Service for customer-supplied brass. Price is per 50 rounds of 45 Long Colt Cowboy Action. All cases deprimed, stainless steel media cleaned inside and out, primer pocket swaged, and full length resized. Cases are then loaded with the same quality components as our new brass cartridges.

Customer-supplied brass is reloaded at our plant in North Highlands, California by U.S. Citizens. This cartridge is loaded on commercial-grade presses, and each cartridge is personally hand inspected and hand packed in the bag.
  • Each bag contains 50 cartridges, swaged hardcast bullets and American made primers.
  • Match-Grade
  • Top Quality, Position and Temperature Insensitive Powder
  • 1/10th Grain Consistency = Increased Accuracy = Better Performance.

  • Power Factor: 150
  • Velocity: 710 fps

Please see our updated return policy concerning ammunition returns. MUST BE 21 OR OVER TO PURCHASE.
Shipped UPS Ground, Adult Signature Required.