Bishop Ammunition & Firearms
God Bless the 2nd Amendment

Bishop Ammunition & Firearms is located in Pocatello, Idaho. We are a fully Federal Firearms Licensed (FFL) Class 7 manufacturer. If you need a transfer, please contact Bishop's Gun Barn at 208-233-3912, Tuesday through Saturday, 10am-6pm.

If you need to contact us, our business office address is:

Bishop Ammunition & Firearms
8249 W Portneuf Rd
Pocatello, ID 83204
(208) 240-6727

We manufacture rifles and accessories in AR-15, AR-10, and bolt action platforms. We build our rifles to quality standards and stand behind our work.

We produce high quality small arms ammunition for the avid sportsman and cowboy action shooter in lead, TMJ, FMJ, jacketed lead, and solid copper projectile caliber types. We produce 475 Bishop Short Magnum, 375 Bishop Short Magnum, 458 SOCOM, 45 Colt (45 Long Colt), 45 Auto (45 ACP), 41 Magnum, 44 Special, 38 Special, 357 Magnum handgun calibers, as well as cowboy action loads. The smokeless powder we use in our bulk ammunition is sourced from American companies and we only use the best clean burning smokeless powder available.

We maintain a list of retailers from who you can buy our products, or you may order directly from us via our online retail store. Please note that in California, as of this writing, ammunition must be shipped to your local ammunition vendor or FFL, and rifles must be shipped to your local FFL for pickup.

Bishop Ammunition & Firearms was founded by Merrisa and Dianne Bishop, both U.S. Military veterans who have served in times of conflict. Merrisa, our President, is a disabled combat veteran and former Army military police officer and long-range marksman. She does our research and development of our rifles and ammunition products as well as building our rifles. Dianne is a U.S. Air Force active duty and reserve veteran who was involuntary recalled to active duty and served during the Gulf War. Dianne takes care of all graphic design, website, and ammunition production.

You may reach us at [email protected] or phone us at (208) 240-6727.

Our business Facebook and Instagram pages is located at @bishopammo

God Bless the 2nd Amendment.