No Ship Areas
Places We Do Not Ship To.

Please note that ALL firearm orders must be shipped to a licensed FFL in your area. You must make arrangements with them, and you are responsible for any transfer fees.

Effective January 1, 2018:

Vendors must have Department of Justice approval to sell ammo � Current retailers with an ammo supply may stop providing ammunition altogether due to the process of getting DOJ consent. For hunters and shooters in rural areas who rely on mom-and-pop sporting goods stores, they may need to seek out a new supplier as well as plan on driving a lot farther to find the ammunition of their choice.

Importing ammunition � Californians must go to an ammunition vendor that has been approved by the DOJ. If a resident orders ammunition from a website, the ammo in question must be sent to an approved vendor for the consumer to pick up. Purchasing ammunition out of state and then returning to California runs the risk of carrying a misdemeanor charge of transporting ammo across state lines.

Transferring ammunition � For anyone who has ammunition they are looking to part with, you will need to enlist a DOJ-approved vendor to complete the transaction, same way you would transfer a firearm to a new owner.

Bishop Ammunition Manufacturing, L.L.C. will not sell ammunition to individuals in California unless arrangments are made to ship said ammunition to a licensed vendor for pickup, subject to any fees that vendor may charge.

Our affiliated dealers:
NorCal Gun Vault in Rocklin

The Guns Store in Sacramento
Sacramento Black Rifle in Sacramento

EWG Guns in Loomis
The Gun Exchange of San Jose
Costello's on Lincoln Avenue in San Jose
Bullseye Bishop on Meridian in San Jose
Mosquito Creek Outfitters in Placerville
Big Horn Gun Shop in El Dorado
Holstered in Holister

Frontier Liquor in Fallon

Neither loaded ammunition nor component bullets can be sold to individuals in Washington D.C., Massachusetts, New Jersey or New York.
FFL transfers only or dealer sales.

Loaded ammunition cannot be sold directly to individuals in California, Connecticut, or Illinois.
FFL transfers only or dealer sales.

Hawaii: We currently do not ship ammunition to Hawaii due to changes in shipping regulations.

Maryland: We do not ship, sell or offer for sale any ammunition to anyone in the state of Maryland or anyone using a billing address in the state of Maryland.

Ohio: We do not ship, sell or offer for sale any ammunition to anyone in the following communities:

* Cincinnati
* Cleveland
* Columbus
* Dayton

We do NOT export or ship ammunition overseas, including to military personnel stationed overseas.

Please visit the following link for more information: Title 27: Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms: PART 478, "Commerce in Firearms and Ammunition"